What Marine Radio Channel Should I Use?

How far can a marine radio transmit?

Your VHF radio is intended mainly for short range communications, generally 5-10 miles, and at least 20 miles to a USCG station.

To communicate at longer ranges, you will normally need a satellite telephone or an MF/HF marine radiotelephone..

What are the VHF channels?

In the US and Canada, the VHF television band occupies frequencies between 54 and 216 MHz and the UHF band between 470 and 890 MHz. In general, VHF channels are numbered 2 to 13 and UHF channels 14 to 51. However, the channel’s physical broadcast frequency is not always reflected by the channel number you see.

What is the range of a handheld marine radio?

15 to 20 milesFor normal handheld use (at five-watt transmit power), figure on a three-to-eight mile range from a small boat, compared to 15 to 20 miles with a fixed-mount radio (at 25 watt transmit power.)

How do I choose a VHF marine radio?

Here are the features you can choose from at your next marine radio installation.Fixed or handheld options. VHF radios are available in either fixed or handheld options. … Water damage and corrosion protection. … Range requirements and antenna length. … Timely weather alerts. … Consider DSC capability.Benefits of GPS. … Final thought.

Why is height of VHF antenna important?

Height. In general, the higher the antenna, the better the range of your radio. VHFs transmit via “line-of-site” radio waves–therefore the higher the antenna, the farther your signal will reach over the horizon.

What is the difference between a marine radio and a car radio?

Many marine stereos have an exact car stereo counterpart with the primary difference being a conformal coating on the circuit board(s) of the marine-rated offering . It’s not potted and all devices/components above the board are essentially unprotected. It does offer some protection against corrosion.

What VHF channel should I use?

VHF Marine Radio Channels However, channel 16 on your VHF radio is probably the most important. Channel 16 is designated as the national distress, safety and calling frequency.

What type of marine radio do I need?

VHF is the preferred radio for short range marine communications. VHF channel 16 is for emergencies or initial calls and should not be used for routine messages or chat.

Is marine VHF AM or FM?

It uses FM channels in the very high frequency (VHF) radio band in the frequency range between 156 and 174 MHz, inclusive. In the official language of the International Telecommunication Union the band is called the VHF maritime mobile band.

What is the best marine radio to buy?

STANDARD HORIZON HX870 Floating 6W Handheld VHF with Internal GPS, Black. … Uniden UM385 25 Watt Fixed Mount Marine Vhf Radio, Waterproof IPX4 with Triple Watch, Dsc… … Standard Horizon HX210 HX210 6W Compact Floating Marine Handheld Vhf. … Standard Horizon GX1700B Standard Explorer GPS VHF Marine Radio – Black.More items…

How do I get a call sign for a marine radio?

New Zealand callsigns can only be issued to New Zealand vessels. If the vessel is registered overseas then you must contact the licensing authority of that country to obtain a callsign. To operate a MF/HF (SSB) radio, a Maritime Radio Restricted Operator Certificate (MRROC) is the minimum requirement.

How do you test a marine radio?

You are encouraged to check your VHF radio by calling the station in your area. When you transmit on its channel, you will hear a recorded response and then hear a playback of your voice verifying that your radio is transmitting, modulating and receiving.

Is a marine radio waterproof?

Many marine radios are available with waterproof, wired remote controls.

Do I need a VHF radio for my boat?

Do I Need a VHF Radio on my Boat? … The short answer is, yes, you most definitely need a VHF radio or 2-way radio particularly if you boat any significant distance from the shore.

Can you use a marine radio in a vehicle?

Marine Radios are cheap and powerful. … Therefore, having a marine radio mounted in your truck is ILLEGAL! (2) If you are carrying a marine handie talkie, and you are not in a boat that is in the water, and not walking on water, then you are “on land”. Therefore, having the marine handie talkie is ILLEGAL!

Can you use a marine VHF radio on land?

That’s illegal. Marine VHF radios, whether fixed or handheld, may not be used on land, period. It’s the law. Once a VHF radio goes ashore, it cannot be used for marine band transmission (without a Coast Station License).

How far can VHF transmit?

A typical VHF station operates at about 100,000 watts and has a coverage radius range of about 60 miles. A UHF station with a 60-mile coverage radius requires transmitting at 3,000,000 watts.

How does VHF marine radio work?

Marine VHF radios work on a line-of-sight basis. That is, they can transmit and receive to and from another antenna as long as that antenna is above the horizon. How far is that? Standing in the cockpit of a boat, the distance to the horizon for most adults is about three miles.