What Has Onision Done Wrong?

What happened with onision and Shiloh?

Onision controversy In 2019, allegations of child grooming and abuse were levied at James Jackson, a former partner of Shiloh, more widely known as Onision on YouTube.

Shortly thereafter, Shiloh appeared on Chris Hansen’s YouTube show, Have a Seat With Chris Hansen, where she alleged abuse at the hands of Jackson..

Why did Chris Hansen go to onision?

A stylized letter F. Reporter Chris Hansen went knocking on Gregory Jackson’s door for an interview about grooming accusations against the YouTuber and his partner. Jackson, better known as Onision, did not answer the door and instead phoned the police. Hansen uploaded a video of the interaction to his channel.

Why did Chris Hansen visit onision?

The former ‘To Catch a Predator’ host visited Jackson’s home Hansen recently visited Jackson’s and Kai’s home in hopes of talking with them in person. After Hansen knocked on their door, the YouTubers contacted law enforcement.

Did onision and Kai get divorced?

Kai is divorcing Onision, he uploaded a video confirming. … He might also be lying, since he’s said he’d getting divorced/been divorced a million times.

What did onision say?

Onision provided a vague statement in which he said: “I do not want to participate in this circus without compensation, I should be paid to endure to [sic] stupidity of the current state of outrage/online culture.”

Did onision sue the wrong Chris Hanson?

One of YouTube’s most controversial personalities dropped his lawsuit against ‘To Catch a Predator’ host after the wrong person was served papers. A ghost. … The alleged victims divulged the details to former “To Catch a Predator” host Chris Hansen on his YouTube channel “Have a Seat With Chris Hansen.”

Why did onision get banned from patreon?

YouTuber Greg “Onision” Jackson has been banned from Patreon after allegedly doxxing a woman online. On Sunday night, Jackson posted text messages and the phone number of said accuser, who claimed that she had been harassed and groomed while living with Jackson and his husband Kai.

Is onision still married to Lainey?

He had been known as Lainey for many years and transitioned to Kai and solely male pronouns. … In November of 2012, Kai and Onision got married. Kai became pregnant in 2013 and ceased posting stomach pictures and saying anything about the child due to vitriol in relation to Onision’s online reputation.

Who onision dating?

OnisionPersonal informationResidenceGig Harbor, Washington, U.S.Partner(s)Shiloh Hoganson (2010–2012)Spouse(s)Skye Tantaga ( m. 2005; div. 2010) Kai Jackson ( m. 2012)10 more rows

What has happened to onision?

In November 2019 Youtuber Onision is banned in Patreon because when he posted a phone number from a fellow YouTube creator Billie Dawn Webb. And said that she was had been harassed and groomed while living with Jackson and her husband Kai.

What happened with onision and Chris Hansen?

Hansen has been interviewing alleged victims of Onision on his YouTube series ‘Have a Seat With Chris Hansen’ … Over the course of their relationship, she claimed Onision filmed her having seizures instead of seeking medical attention, in addition to shaving her head without consent.

What is onision being accused of?

In 2019, allegations of child grooming and abuse were levied at Jackson and his spouse, Kai Avaroe. Jackson responded by stating that “the grooming stuff is absolute nonsense.”

Is Lainey Kai?

Kai, or CoolGuyKai (previously known as Lainey or LaineyBot), is Greg’s current spouse. They have been together since early 2012. In 2019 Kai announced he identifies as a trans man and goes by he/him or they/them pronouns.

Is onision a psycho?

Yes. Onision is absolutely grandiose, superficially charming, manipulative and lacks empathy for others. Thus it could be said that Onision has some of the interpersonal and affective traits of psychopathy.