Quick Answer: When Should I Take My Infant To The Doctor For A Cold?

What can you do for an infant with a cold?

Lifestyle and home remediesOffer plenty of fluids.

Liquids are important to avoid dehydration.

Thin the mucus.

Your baby’s doctor may recommend saline nose drops to loosen thick nasal mucus.

Suction your baby’s nose.

Keep your baby’s nasal passages clear with a rubber-bulb syringe.

Moisten the air..

How long does a cold last in babies?

Most colds last seven to 10 days. As long as your child is comfortable and does not have prolonged fever or respiratory difficulties, hang in there and things will get better. Just provide supportive care to your child.

How can you tell if an infant has a cold?

Other signs and symptoms of a common cold in a baby may include:Fever.Sneezing.Coughing.Decreased appetite.Irritability.Difficulty sleeping.Trouble nursing or taking a bottle due to nasal congestion.

When should you take your baby to the doctor?

When to Take Your Child to the DoctorIf an infant is under three months of age with any fever.A child three to six months of age has a rectal temperature of 101 degrees F or higher and six months of age or older with a rectal temperature of 103 degrees F.If the child is older than three months and the fever has lasted more than three days.