Quick Answer: What Do TXT Call Their Fans?

What are Momoland fans called?

On the April 25, 2017 KST V app broadcast titled “Awesome Comeback Live,” girl group MOMOLAND announced the name of their official fanclub.

Member Jane revealed during the broadcast that the group’s official fanclub name has been decided as “Merry-G0-Round.” She explained, “Merry-Go-Round is a carousel..

What are ITZY haters called?

JYP Entertainment, the management agency for the girl group, recently announced that the girl group’s fandom name had been decided on — and it’s really witty. Their fans will be called “MIDZY”, which plays on the Korean word for trust, and reflects the Korean girl group’s name as well.

Does TXT have a lightstick?

TXT’s official light stick is coming soon! After sharing various mysterious videos surrounding the theme of stars, Big Hit Entertainment finally revealed TXT’s official light stick through a new clip on January 20.

Who is the prettiest member of Momoland?

“Bboom Bboom”Daisy.Yeonwoo.Ahin.Hyebin.Nayun.Taeha.Jane.Nancy.

What does text call their fans?

TXT has chosen an official name for their fan club! On April 25, it was announced that the group’s fan club is called “YOUNG ONE.” The members unanimously selected the name from the many suggestions submitted by fans.

What does TXT fandom name MOA mean?

collect Moment of AlwaysnessMeaning. MOA (모아) meaning: gather/collect. Moment of Alwaysness: Each and every moment shared by TXT (TOMORROW X TOGETHER) and our fans, always and forever.

What are BTS haters called?

They’re generally called Antis, Anti-Army, Haters, etc.

What is the TXT Fanchant?

Official fanchant of TXT is.. Choi Soobin! Choi Yeonjun! Choi Beomgyu!

What is TXT fandom color?

The 12-year old fandom who has been silent and considered as one of the fandoms with a good reputation is now trending a hashtag #MintisSHINee in Korean as after BigHit Entertainment released the fandom lightstick for the rookie group TXT. Pearl Aqua is the official color of SHINee.

What is wrong with Momoland?

Momoland’s “BAAM” concept is getting attention for all the wrong reasons. … Momoland may have been attempting to pay homage to their foreign fans as part of their Fun to the World comeback, but their apparent lack of research and cultural awareness has caused frustration and rage from much of the online community.

Is Momoland rude?

Momoland are NOT disrespectful but they are heavily MISUNDERSTOOD. It breaks my heart really. The hate they get is unnecessary and as an ARMY, it truly hurts seeing my own fandom behave in a bashful matter towards these lovely women.

What was TXT first fandom name?

25, the rookie K-Pop idol boy group announced that their fandom name would be called ‘YOUNG ONE’.