Quick Answer: Is HDFC Better Or Axis Bank?

Why is HDFC Bank better than other banks?

Technology lead service, convenience to customer and unparalleled services makes such a big Eco-system which are hard to break for any other bank.

Very soon HDFC bank has become market leader in retail loans..

Is Axis bank safe in India?

Axis Bank is the third-largest bank in the private banking sector in India and hence it is very safe to invest. … Axis bank has a separate brand image for customer service and maintaining customer relationships.

Is Axis Bank going to shut down?

“ In line with the said objective, the bank has taken a decision to fully wind down and close the operations of Axis Bank UK Limited, a subsidiary of the bank, and surrender the banking licence by the end of April 2021,” the bank said in a statement.

Which credit card is best Axis or HDFC?

Best Credit CardsBankList of Popular Credit CardsSBISBI Card PRIME, SimplySAVE SBI Card, IRCTC SBI Platinum Card, Yatra SBI CardHDFC BankJet Privilege HDFC Bank World Card, Regalia Card, Freedom Card, Platinum Times CardAxis BankMy Zone Card1 more row

Which is the No 1 private bank in India?

Hemant SinghS.N.Bank NameEstablishment1.HDFC Bank19942.ICICI Bank19943.Axis Bank1993 as UTI Bank4.Kotak Mahindra200311 more rows

Is Axis Bank a government bank?

Axis Bank is the first private sector bank authorized by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and Government of India to collect taxes on behalf of the State Governments. Since 1 October 2003, Axis Bank has been able to handle all Central Government Business and State Government Business.

Is HDFC Bank Good?

HDFC Bank is more conservative and cautious, grows at a measured pace, without taking any undue risks. ICICI Bank’s assets in the retail space stand at Rs 56,000 crore (Rs 560 billion). In comparison, the tally for HDFC Bank is Rs 18,000 crore (Rs 180 billion).

Which one is better axis or Icici?

Like Axis bank, ICICI bank too offers top of the line home loan products, and is one of the most renowned banks in the country….Comparison Between Axis Bank vs ICICI Bank Home Loan.CategoryAxis bank Home LoanICICI bank Home LoanRate of interest7.75% p.a.6.95% p.a.Loan tenureUp to 30 yearsUp to 30 years9 more rows

Who is the best bank in India?

Top 10 Banks in IndiaRankBank1.HDFC Bank2.Axis Bank3.IDFC Bank4.State Bank of India7 more rows

Which Axis bank account is best?

An Axis Bank Prime Plus Savings Account holder is entitled to higher transaction limits, entertainment, pricing and reward benefits and the flexibility of maintaining an average monthly balance of Rs 1 lakh in their savings account. The Prime Plus Savings Account requires a minimum opening deposit of Rs 1, 00,000.

What is the full form of Axis?

Basically, AXIS Bank does not have a full form. However, the bank was earlier known as the UTI Bank that was established as a Bank in 1994. … However, the bank later changed the name to AXIS that has no full form and is simply a name.

Is HDFC Safe 2020?

So your bank Fixed Deposits (FDs) are safe. … These are banks that are too-big-to-be-allowed-to-fail banks of India. And these are State Bank of India (SBI), HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank.

Which savings account is best in HDFC?

HDFC bank has one of the best products in the market – best credit cards, deposits rates, loans, Payzapp, Smarthub or Samsung pay….Best Saving Accounts from HDFC Bank.Monthly Average BalanceRs. 5,000 to Rs. 25,000 (depending on variant)Rate of InterestUp to 50 Lac – 3.5% Above 50 Lac- 4%3 more rows•May 25, 2020

Is Axis Bank a good bank?

Axis Bank has achieved consistent growth and stable asset quality with a 5 year CAGR (2009-13) 37% in Net Profit with a balance sheet size of Rs. … The Bank has a network of 2225 branches and extension counters and 11796 ATMs and 7 International countries.

Who is the owner of Axis Bank?

Axis BankTypePublicFounded1993HeadquartersMumbai, Maharashtra, IndiaNumber of locations4800+ branches (December 2019)Key peopleShri Rakesh Makhija (Chairman) Amitabh Chaudhry (MD & CEO)11 more rows