Quick Answer: Is Fun Loving A Word?

What is another word for fun loving?

What is another word for fun-loving?boisterousextrovertvivaciouscheerfuljollyjovialhappyjocundfestivefrolicsome235 more rows.

What can I say instead of fun?

Synonyms foramusing.enjoyable.entertaining.lively.pleasant.boisterous.convivial.merry.

What light hearted means?

adjective. carefree; cheerful; merry: a lighthearted laugh.

Is back and forth hyphenated?

This adverbial phrase is good for describing any kind of to and fro movement. With hyphens, back-and-forth is an exchange of ideas: “The back-and-forth between the director and the audience was the best part of the film screening.”

What’s the strongest word for love?

lovedeep affection, fondness, tenderness, warmth, intimacy, attachment, endearment.devotion, adoration, doting, idolization, worship.passion, ardour, desire, lust, yearning, infatuation, adulation, besottedness.

Who is a fun loving person?

A fun loving person knows how to loosen up and relax. He or she is full of positivity and optimism. The most striking thing about a fun loving person is that they find happiness in little things in life. They don’t let the stress damage their morale. There are ways to turn into a fun loving person. (

What’s fun loving mean?

adjective. enjoying life in a lively, lighthearted way; spirited; playful: fun-loving friends.

What is a fancy word for good?

SYNONYMS FOR good 1 pure, moral, conscientious, meritorious, worthy, exemplary, upright. 2 commendable, admirable. 5 obedient, heedful. 6 kindly, benevolent, humane, gracious, obliging.

How do you describe a person?

You can talk to him easily, and he’s very friendly:Affable — He’s easy to talk to.Agreeable — He’s enjoyable to talk to.Amiable — He’s friendly and nice.Charming — He has a “magic” effect that makes people like him.Polite — He’s good at saying “please,” “thank you,” etc.Likeable — He’s easy to like.More items…•

What can I say instead of love?

Cute Things to Say Instead of “I Love You”I’m not like anyone else.You are the best boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife in the entire world.I’m crazy about you.We are soul mates.For you, I will risk it all.You are worth the wait.I am consumed by the desire to be with you, talk to you, and feel you near me.More items…•

What is a word for in love?

In love, amorous. Having an infatuation or the feeling of being in love. Showing, feeling, or relating to sexual desire. Physically and mentally dependent on a particular substance.

What is the meaning of enjoyable?

adjective. giving or capable of giving joy or pleasure: a very enjoyable film.

What is the meaning of fun?

1 : someone or something that provides amusement or enjoyment They were fun to play with. 2 : a good time We had a lot of fun. … 3 : words or actions to make someone or something an object of ridicule He made fun of my singing.

How do you say more fun?

Many people, perhaps most people, strongly prefer more fun and most fun as the comparative and superlative forms of fun. Still, plenty of others label things funner and funnest. Many dictionaries acknowledge this use, but still label the adjective form as informal.

Does fun loving have hyphen?

In some cases, the need for hyphens is not in doubt. There is obvious if amusing ambiguity in saying a fun-loving person is fun loving, and removal of the hyphen would alter the meaning of “how to wire-transfer funds”.

How do you become a fun loving person?

21 tips to be more fun and less boring to be aroundPractice being relaxed around people. To be fun to be around, you have to make others feel comfortable around you. … Show others that you’re relaxed and easy-going. … Be non-judgmental. … Be a good listener. … Open up. … Be able to laugh at yourself. … Find your type of humor. … Be the glue that holds people together.More items…•

What are some fun words?

34 of the Zaniest, Craziest Words in the Dictionary (Anything Missing? Add It In the Comments!)Bumfuzzle. This is a simple term that refers to being confused, perplexed, or flustered or to cause confusion. … Cattywampus. … Gardyloo. … Taradiddle. … Snickersnee. … Widdershins. … Collywobbles. … Gubbins.More items…•

What’s a deeper word for love?

SYNONYMS FOR love 1 tenderness, fondness, predilection, warmth, passion, adoration.