Quick Answer: How Do I Get A Virgin Media Engineer Out?

How long does it take for a virgin engineer to come out?

30 minutes to 2 hoursOn your installation day, your engineer will arrive in a Virgin Media van and be carrying ID, so they’ll will be easy to spot.

NOTE: It usually takes from 30 minutes to 2 hours for an engineer to set up your services, depending on your home and what you’ve ordered..

How much do Virgin Media engineers earn?

Virgin Media Inc. employees with the job title Network Engineer make the most with an average annual salary of ₤30,616, while employees with the title Field Service Technician make the least with an average annual salary of ₤22,542.

Do Virgin Media do deals for existing customers?

Rewarding existing customers Virgin Media is also offering existing customers a number of upgrades to their packages, at no extra cost.

Can I install my own internet?

Yes, you can install your own Internet. Just follow these internet installation tips and take it one wire and one number at a time.

How much does it cost to cancel virgin?

Cancelling Virgin Media broadband and TV at the same time If you have both Virgin Media broadband and TV in a bundle, it’s double trouble. Cancelling your services means paying a ‘disconnection’ fee of 80-100% of what remains on your contract including both services.

Do you have to pay for a virgin engineer?

Whether it’s your Virgin Media broadband, TV or home phone, we’ll send along one of our lovely engineers to repair and replace your kit, at no extra cost*. … It’s all part of the Virgin Media service, and that’s why we won’t charge you a penny.

How can I get out of my Virgin Media contract without paying?

‘ If you are a Virgin customer and you are out of contract, you’re free to leave at any point and just need to give 30 days’ notice. As the most competitive prices are usually reserved for new customers, you are likely to get a better deal if you switch to a new provider.

How much is virgin v6 box for existing customers?

Virgin V6 box for existing customers Additional boxes will cost you the same; a one-off payment of £99.95 and the £25 set-up fee plus £7.50 per month for having the additional box.

How quickly can I get Internet installed?

If there’s already a working line at your new place, it’ll get going in a couple of days; but getting a new one installed could take two weeks.

Can I install Virgin broadband myself?

Can I install my broadband myself? You will not be able to install your broadband yourself if you need a new phone line installed in your home. This will usually be the case when upgrading to an ultrafast broadband package or switching to or from Virgin Media’s cable broadband.

How do I get a better deal from Virgin Media?

14 top Virgin haggling tipsDo a channel audit. … Timing is crucial. … Benchmark the best deal. … If it’s the TV you want, tell ’em you’re happy with Freeview. … Get through to the retentions department. … Use charm, chutzpah, cheek… and a smile. … Use the phrases that pay.More items…•

How do I end my contract with Virgin Media?

All you need to do is call Virgin Media and select the option ‘If you’re thinking of leaving Virgin Media’. Call 150 from your Virgin Media telephone or call 0345 454 1111 from any other phone to cancel. For more information, do check out our Virgin Media customer service numbers page.

Do BT engineers work weekends?

BT engineers do work on Saturdays, but you have to be a high priority to get one. I had a Saturday visit once after Openreach had missed 2 weekday appointments.

Is Sky cheaper than virgin?

However, Sky HD costs £6 a month – which works out much cheaper than subscribing to Virgin’s biggest bundles. So, Virgin wins on range, but Sky wins on price – and they’re also now leading in terms of Ultra HD content, which is about 4x clearer than HD. This is a close one. Virgin Media can be cheaper overall.

How long after leaving Virgin Media Can I rejoin?

12 monthsSwitch and switch back Virgin Media told us a new customer is somebody who has not subscribed to their services for at least 12 months. After that period they’re fully eligible for new customer deals. Sky also say that to count as new, customers must not have been in receipt of any services for at least 12 months.

How quick can virgin install Internet?

How quickly can I get broadband installed in my new home? If you’re eligible for QuickStart, you can have your kit delivered and installed in 4 days. If you’re moving into a property with an active Virgin Media account that isn’t your own, QuickStart delivery may take up to 14 days while we close that account.