Quick Answer: How Do I Enable Touchpad Scrolling?

How do I enable two finger scrolling?

Two finger scrollOpen the Activities overview and start typing Mouse & Touchpad.Click on Mouse & Touchpad to open the panel.In the Touchpad section, make sure the Touchpad switch is set to on.Switch the Two-finger Scrolling switch to on..

How do I enable touchpad scrolling in Windows 10?

Use the following steps to enable and customize Two-Finger Scrolling.Search Windows for TouchPad. … Click Additional settings.Open the TouchPad or ClickPad Settings.Two-Finger Scrolling is located under MultiFinger Gestures. … Two-Finger Scrolling. … Click the Settings icon to adjust scrolling settings.More items…

Why is my touchpad not scrolling?

Your touchpad may not respond to any scrolling on it, if the two-finger scrolling feature is disabled on your computer. You can follow these steps to enable two-finger scrolling: At Control Panel, click Hardware and Sound > Mouse. Click the Device Settings tab.

How do I enable my touchpad while typing?

This described in detail in How to Turn PalmCheck On or Off for Touchpad in Windows.Open Control Panel -> Mouse.Click on the TouchPad Settings tab, then on ClickPad Settings.Double Click “SmartSense”Slide the Slider all the way to “Off”Click Close and OK.