Quick Answer: How Do I Access My Sprint Account?

How do I access my Sprint phone account?

You can control the level of access to any profile or phone that has access to your account on My Sprint….Add, remove or update access to your sprint.com profileSign in to sprint.com with your username and password.Select My Account menu, then select Preferences tab.Click Allow access to my account.More items….

How do I access my sprint email?

Actions: Visit sprint.com/mysprint. Click the Sign in button. Enter your username and password to sign in to My Sprint.

How can I get Sprint to lower my bill?

7 Ways to Lower Your Cell Phone BillOpt for autopay. Most wireless carriers will knock $5 to $10 off your bill if you sign up for automatic payments. … Switch to prepaid. … Change or remove your cell phone insurance. … Skip the phone upgrade. … Cash in on discounts. … Add lines. … Update your service address.

How do I set up my Sprint account online?

Register your account online at sprint.comGo to sprint.com. Click Sign in. Then click Create my profile.Enter your phone number.Next, Verify your identity. Complete one of the three options: … Next, create your username, password, and enter your email address. Then select Finish. … Congrats! You are done when you see the Success page.

What are the requirements for a sprint password?

Password requirements8-33 characters.at least 1 capital letter.at least 1 number.at least one special characheter: – _ . $ # @ ! +cannot match username, phone, account or Social Security numbers.cannot use prior passwords.

Is there a prepaid plan for Sprint?

New ‘Sprint Forward’ prepaid plan offers unlimited at $60, or 4 GB for $40 per month. … “Sprint Forward includes unlimited talk and text and unlimited data, with instant device discounts and no device financing, without the need to run credit, but get most of the Sprint network benefits—for individuals and families.

What is the Sprint $35 plan?

Unlimited talk, text, and data for $35 a month, per line. You can bring over any compatible phone, or buy one from Sprint. Use their phone IMEI/MEID checker. You can come over from ANY outside provider, Verizon/AT&T/T-Mobile or even another cheap MVNO.

How do I find my Sprint PIN number?

If you know your Sprint.com account login, it’s easy to retrieve your PIN and Security question:Log in to your Preferences page here.Under All about My Account click on “Account PIN/Security question”In the new Popup window, click “Forgot PIN” or “Forgot Security Question”

How can you track a phone?

To track your device, you can also go to google.com/android/find in any browser, whether on your computer or another smartphone. If you’re logged into your Google account you can also just type “find my phone” into Google. If your lost device has access to the internet and location is on you’ll be able to locate it.

How do I find my sprint username and password?

Retrieve your username to access My SprintClick on the Sign In button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.In the Sign In screen, click on Forgot your username.In the Get your Username screen, enter the phone number or email address associated with your sprint.com profile account and click Submit.More items…•

What is my Sprint account PIN number?

An account PIN, or Personal Identification Number, is a 6-10 digit number of your choosing. You will use your PIN to identify yourself when calling Sprint or visiting a Sprint retail store. You will also need your PIN the first time you register your account online at sprint.com.

How do I reactivate my Sprint account?

It’s easy to activate a new phone or swap one device for another online from your PC.Go to sprint.com/activate.Click the Get Started button.Sign in to My Sprint using your username and password.Follow the on-screen instructions.

How do I change my Sprint account password?

Change the admin password – Sprint WeGoTo access the Sprint WeGo web portal open a browser and enter www.sprint.com/sprintwego.Enter the required login information and click Sign In.Click Settings.Click Settings. … Click Change Admin Control Access Code.Enter the preferred Admin Control Access Code then click OK.More items…

How much does it cost a month for Sprint?

Best Sprint PlansPlanBest ForCostSprint Unlimited Plus PlanUnlimited Plan$60/moSprint Unlimited Plus PlanFamily Plan$100/moSprint Unlimited Premium PlanFeatures$80/moSprint Single Line 2GB PlanLow Data$40/mo