Question: What Cruise Line Is Best For 18 Year Olds?

Can you go on a cruise by yourself at 18?

Rules for cruising alone: Passengers must be 18 years old to travel on their own.

Travelers ages 16 and younger cannot book a cabin without an adult 18 or over traveling in the same room..

What is the highest paying job on a cruise ship?

For those with a degree in hospitality, among the highest-paying cruise ship jobs are executive chef, cruise director, chief purser, hotel director, and human resources manager. While the positions of captain and safety officer pay more, they require graduation from an accredited maritime training institution.

What are the top 3 cruise lines?

Best Cruise Lines for the Money#1. Royal Caribbean International. #1 in Best Cruise Lines for the Money. … #2. Celebrity Cruises. #2 in Best Cruise Lines for the Money. … #3. Norwegian Cruise Line. #3 in Best Cruise Lines for the Money. … #4. Princess Cruises. … #5. Carnival Cruise Line. … #6. Holland America Line. … #7. MSC Cruises. … #8. Costa Cruises.

What is the best cruise ship for teenagers?

These are the best cruise ships for teens in 2020.Norwegian Encore. … Carnival Mardi Gras. … Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas. … Disney Magic. … Regent Seven Seas Mariner. … Carnival Horizon. … MSC Grandiosa. … Royal Caribbean Odyssey of the Seas.More items…•

Can you use a fake ID on a cruise?

Age Limits Guests who try to use a fake I.D. to purchase alcohol — as well as guests who attempt to purchase alcohol for an underage person — will be held in violation of the cruise line’s policies, and can be disembarked from the ship without a refund.

What is the best job on a cruise ship?

9 Best Jobs on a Cruise ShipCruise Ship Captain. The cruise ship captain serves as the overall leader of the cruise. … Gentleman Host. If you love to dance, a gentleman host is one of the best jobs on a cruise ship for you. … Entertainer. … Shore Excursions Manager. … Youth Counselor. … Social Hosts and Hostess. … Cruise Director. … Bartender.More items…

Can you drink under 21 on a cruise?

What is the legal drinking age onboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship? … The minimum age to consume alcohol on Royal Caribbean International ships on sailings originating in North America is twenty-one (21).

Can a 20 year old go on a cruise with a 21 year old?

For voyages originating in North America: No Guest younger than the age twenty-one (21) will be assigned to a stateroom unless accompanied in the same stateroom by an adult twenty-one (21) years old or older. A guest’s age is established upon the first date of sailing.

Can you go on a cruise at 18 Royal Caribbean?

Royal Caribbean International’s minimum age to sail unaccompanied on sailings originating in North America is twenty-one (21). The minimum age to sail unaccompanied on sailings from South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand is eighteen (18).

What cruise lines hire 18 year olds?

US-based cruise lines such as Lindblad Expeditions and American Cruise Lines have a minimum age to work onboard as 18 years old. Norwegian Cruise Line’s Pride of America is a US-flagged ship and they also have a minimum age requirement of 18 years old.

Can you go on a Carnival cruise at 18?

Guests are required to be 21 years of age (on embarkation day) to travel on their own. Guest ages will be verified at embarkation.

Can you get a job on a cruise ship with no experience?

Deckhand. Entry-level position no with experience required. Responsible for different tasks on deck areas, such as giving directions to parts of the ship, running errands for the passengers, keeping chairs and deckchairs in good condition and cleanness, and general cleaning on deck areas.

Is it easy to get a job on a cruise ship?

The first step for getting a job on a cruise ship is to make a checklist of your skills and experience. Cruise ships are virtually floating hotels and therefore draw heavily from the hospitality sector. If you have a talent or have worked in restaurants, bars or hotels, this is one main way to be considered for hiring.

What qualifications do you need to work on a cruise ship?

While specific position requirements depend on the job you are interested in, there are some essential requirements that all crew must meet to work onboard:Be 21 years of age or older.Be able to pass a criminal background check.Hold a valid passport.Have a US C1/D visa (if you are not a Canadian or US citizen/resident)More items…

Are cruises fun for teenagers?

Cruises don’t just provide an escape from the stressors of daily life; they’re also packed with entertainment opportunities for travelers of all ages. This means that teens can take advantage of tons of activities onboard and have their own sense of (safe) independence while they do it.