Question: How Do I Cancel A DTP Job In SAP BW?

How do I create a DTP error?

Enabling Your DTP Error Stack The erroneous records will be placed in the ‘error stack’.

Step 2: Double check your DTP temporary storage settings.

Step 3: Execute your DTP so that the data with the errors is loaded again.

Step 4: In the DTP monitor, after the load has finished and failed click on “error stack”..

How do I find my DTP number?

Go to T-Code SE38 and enter the program name RSPROCESS and select Variant radio button as shown and press “Display” button as shown below: Enter the variant id noted in step 2 and press the “Display” button in next screen as shown below: Step 4. Identify the corresponding process chain and then the DTP.

How do I get rid of error DTP request?

When you goto monitor tab of dtp, on top of screen you will find error stack. You will find psa symbol, click on that and you can able to delete therecords.

What is DTP in BW?

DTP determines the process for transfer of data between two persistent/non persistent objects within BI. As of SAP NetWeaver 7.0, InfoPackage loads data from a Source System only up to PSA. It is DTP that determines the further loading of data thereafter.

What is an InfoPackage in SAP BW?

InfoPackage. The InfoPackage is an entry point for SAP BI to request data from a source system. InfoPackages are tools for organizing data requests that are extracted from the source system and are loaded into the BW system. In short, loading data into the BW is accomplished using InfoPackages.

What are SAP BW process chains?

A process chain is a sequence of processes that are scheduled in the background for an event. Some of these processes trigger a separate event that can, in turn, start other processes. In an operating BW system, a number of processes occur regularly.

How do I change my DTP request status?

SolutionSelect Request Id from target.Go to SE37 and execute the function module RSBM_GUI_CHANGE_USTATE.Enter Request Id here and execute it.Then change the status of the request to either red/green.Request will have the status you selected in step 4 and delete the request if turned to red.

How do I run DTP in debug mode?

ProcedureIf you want to execute a standard DTP in debug mode, choose Serially in the Dialog Process (for Debugging) as the processing mode on the Execute tab page in the DTP maintenance.In the overview for program execution, define breakpoints for debugging by choosing Change Breakpoints.Choose.

How do I check PSA data in SAP BW?

yes you can see the data in an PSA. Just right-click on the DataSource and select “Manage”. Afterwards you’ll see the requests in the PSA. Mark the request you want to display and press the button “PSA maintenance” on the bottom of the window.

How do I find the schedule chain schedule?

Hi, inorder to check if the PC is scheduled or not simple way is goto Transaction :RSPC — select your PC and double click on it. If the PC processes are in Green then you can consider it as the PC is scheduled if its Grey in color the PC is not scheduled.

How do you cancel a process chain in SAP BW?

To remove/stop the process chain from running, first open up the process chain that need to be stop. Then go to Process Chain in the toolbar and click on Remove from Schedule. 2. To reschedule the chain, right click on the Start and select Maintain Variant.