Question: How Can I Get Free Minutes On Telenor SIM?

Which Telenor package is best?

Telenor Daily Packages Telenor has a ‘Telenor DJuice Prime Time Offer’ in just Rs 5 offering unlimited calls from 9 am to 9 pm.

Another package ‘Telenor Good Time Offer’ gives it customers 1000 minutes for calls.

Telenor provides different SMS deals to its customers with mini-budget as well as with higher budgets..

How check SIM Lagao offer in Telenor?

Dial IVR 2222 to get further information about the package. 50 minutes. 50 SMS and 50 MB internet will be provided to the customer on daily basis until the end of the offer. By connecting sim again to phone dial 2222 to get the offer detail to avail the offer.

How I use Telenor free balance?

Mechanics:Telenor customers will dial *1122# for free subscription.After subscription, customers of Telenor Economy package will get SMS of last day’s balance usage details daily at 10AM in the morning for the next 30 days.More items…

Is facebook free on Telenor?

Telenor Launches Free Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp Offer. Telenor is giving 100MBs of data for Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp free of charge for one whole day. All prepaid customers, both Djuice and Telenor subscribers, can avail this offer by dialing *5*325# to enjoy free Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter.

How can I get free 500mb Telenor app?

Telenor customers can now enjoy 500MB Internet for absolutely FREE by simply downloading the app….Bonus:Subscription TypeChargesSubscription CodePAYGRs. 0.20+taxCheck Remaining SMS *111#PAYGRs. 0.20+taxCheck Remaining Internet MBs *999#2 more rows•May 1, 2019

How can I get free Telenor 2 hours?

Get 2 hours of calls to any Telenor number and 200 MB + 50 MB for facebook for 2 hours.Onnet Unlimited on-net minutes for 2 hours.Internet 250 MB Facebook.Validity Daily.Dial *345*20# Error. Something went wrong.

How can I get free 5gb data on Telenor?

This Trick you can enjoy telenor free 5Gb internet without any charges follow steps:Just go on your wite Sms and.type 1 send 771381.After sending get 5GB free telenor internet enjoy free internet on telenor sim.Check Free MBS *999#Enjoy Free internet on telenor sim.

How do I get free 2020 Internet?

Zong Free internet codes 2020Dial *537*2# and enjoy 1500MBs free zong internet.Or dial *568#*11#or *44#or *102# and you will enjoy 4GB FREE.To get 500MBs free dial *56*8*23#. … Now to account free 1GB you will have to enter this code:*7863*86#. … Dail *117*111*2# and enjoy free 2GB ZONG INTERNET.More items…

How can I check my Telenor free minutes?

Check your remaining balance, SMS, minutes and internet usage….Subscription TypePriceBalance Inquiry CodesPAYGRs. 0.24*444# (Balance)PAYGRs. 0.24*111# (SMS)PAYGRs. 0.24*222# (Minutes)PAYGRs. 0.24*999# (Internet)

What is the internet package of Telenor?

Telenor Internet Packages 4G Monthly/ 30 Days/ UnlimitedTelenor 4G Monthly PackagesPackagePriceDetail4G Monthly LiteRs. 2002000 MB + 1000 MB for WhatsApp/Goonj/GameBox4G Monthly bundleRs. 597.509,000 MB4G Monthly Starter BundleRs. 3004000 MB + 4000 MB (1 AM – 7 AM)2 more rows•Jun 18, 2020

What are on net minutes?

On Net Minutes are for calls placed on the same network ie.

How can I get free MB on Telenor SIM?

With Telenor new SIM offer 2019, Telenor Prepaid customer will get free 2GB data. Just you have to buy a new Telenor Prepaid SIM and recharge Rs. 100 or more balance to avail 1000 MBs internet free with simply dial *954#. Telenor New Sim Offer 2020 is offering the huge 2GB internet data to new SIM buyers.

What is free on net minutes?

The terms ‘On-Net’ and ‘Off-Net’ are used to describe call or messaging types. … ‘Off-Net’ applies when the call or message is made on a different network, e.g. whilst you are roaming, or if you are using your home network and make a call or send a message to a number that resides with a different network provider.

How can I activate 2 hours on Telenor?

Get 2 hours of calls to any Telenor number and 200 MB + 50 MB for facebook for 2 hours.Onnet Unlimited on-net minutes for 2 hours.Internet 250 MB Facebook.Validity Daily.Dial *345*20# Error. Something went wrong.

How can I change my package on Telenor?

You can change your plan by choosing one of the following options:By calling number 123 (0,03 BGN/call), followed by selecting option 0 and option 4 “Change of plan“;By a free SMS to number 125 with text containing the name of the plan;More items…•

How can I get 50 minutes on Telenor?

MechanicsTo Subscribe: Dial:*240#All Telenor subscribers are eligible for this offer.The subscription is valid for 1 day. Customers can make FREE calls on the day of subscription – till 12am.

How can I get 100mb free on Telenor?

Free Telenor Eid Internet offer is valid from 5th of October till 8th of October. 100 MB can be obtained daily by dialing the code. 100MB expires at 12am every day, then customer will have to dial the code again. To get 100MB (2G and 3G), dial *345*132# from your Telenor.

How can I make my own package on Telenor?

After you open Telenor app, Go to “My Djuice Offer” tab from the tab menu in the BOTTOM. 5. Here you can create an offer as per your requirement. You can save this offer so that you don’t have to make it every time and you can activate it with a single button.