How Many Sides Are In A Polygon?

What is a polygon with 4 sides?

Four-Sided Polygons – Quadrilaterals Four-sided polygons are usually referred to as quadrilaterals, quadrangles or sometimes tetragons.

In geometry the term quadrilateral is commonly used..

Can a polygon have 19 sides?

In geometry an enneadecagon or enneakaidecagon or 19-gon is a nineteen-sided polygon.

What’s a 13 sided shape called?

tridecagonIn geometry, a tridecagon or triskaidecagon or 13-gon is a thirteen-sided polygon.

What’s a 12 sided shape called?

dodecagonIn geometry, a dodecagon or 12-gon is any twelve-sided polygon.

What is a polygon shape?

more … A plane shape (two-dimensional) with straight sides. Examples: triangles, rectangles and pentagons. (Note: a circle is not a polygon because it has a curved side)

What are the 12 kinds of polygons?

There are many types of polygons….Types of polygons.Number of sidesName of polygon8octagon9nonagon10decagon12dodecagon5 more rows