Can I Delete My Mi Account?

How do I remove a device from my MI account?

Remove old devices from your Mi AccountOpen Settings.Go to Mi Account.Go to Account security.Then go to Devices..

What is the benefit of MI account?

Uses of Mi Account: By registering to a Mi account,you will be able to: Use MIUI cloud services, Mi Community and other core Mi products. Sync the photos, messages, contacts list, messages, call history, audio recordings, calendar, notes to Mi Cloud.

How do I permanently delete photos from my MI Phone?

i. Click Delete photo. The deleted photos will be moved to the Trash. You can recover the photos in the Trash within 30 days of their original trashing. To remove photos from the Trash, go to the Trash tab, select the photos that you want to remove permanently, and then tap Delete.

Is xiaomi cloud safe?

The personal data of Mi Cloud users is strictly encrypted before it is stored on the Mi Cloud server. Even if the developer or maintainer gets the disk directly, he or she cannot decrypt the data, so there is no need to worry about the leakage of the user’s personal data.

How do I delete from MI cloud?

The steps of remove Xiaomi Cloud Data from computerStep 1: Turn on your computer and go to the Xiaomi Cloud home page.Step 2: Log in to your Xiaomi account.Step 3: After log in, you will see there have several options for you. … Step 4: Select what you want to delete, such as photos. (More items…•

How do I reset my mi account?

Forgot your Mi account password?Go to on Forgot Password option.Now you will be asked to give either your email or mobile number that is linked with the account.You will receive a verification link in your email or you will receive an OTP if mobile number is chosen to reset password.More items…•

What happens if I delete my mi account?

Deleting your Mi Account will permanently remove all data associated with your account including Mi Credits, passwords, Xiaomi Cloud data (photos, contacts, app data, etc.). Keep in mind, you can’t reverse this action!

How do I delete my mi account photos?

Delete Mi Cloud photos from your Xiaomi device. Open the Gallery app. Tap the Mi Cloud tab. Select the photos that you want to delete, and then tap Delete.

How do I logout of my MI account?

Scroll down & choose Mi Account from the menu. 2. Now, This will show your Mi Account data. Choose “Sign Out” from the bottom to logged out this account from this phone.